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発送を鮮明にFactory automation (FA) means the automation or reduction of human intervention in production processes. FA has not only resulted in direct benefits to human beings it has also contributed to the conservation of the earth's natural resources. Nowadays, with every sector of industry experiencing rapid technical innovation, manufacturing firms are striving to attain ever higher levels of quality, reduce manufacturing costs, and shorten order-to-delivery times. All of these factors have contributed to increased levels of factory automation.

Oishi Machine is trading company which specializes in "machines used to produce other machines", or as they are more commonly called, machine tools and implements. Since its foundation, Oishi Machine has maintained close relations with manufacturing firms, supporting their factory automation projects as a supplier of machinery. Our mission is the matching of our consulting expertise to the needs of leading-edge manufacturing firms. The right level of expertise, backed by a solid record of performance allows us to fulfill that role. With a knowledge of engineering trends confirmed through market research, we have expanded our activities to include what users really need, such as facility planning, production scheduling, equipment installation, and programming instruction among others.

With industry currently facing a major turning point, Oishi Machine is bringing all of its resources together to further unleash the full potential of FA. By providing total consulting services, we are producing creative solutions for industry. Oishi Machine is a company that you can count on.


Since its foundation in January of l952, Oishi Machine, as a trading company which specializes in industrial machinery and machine tools, has been able to grow together with its customers thanks to their kind support and cooperation. In these times in which we are experiencing for the first time revolutionary advances in information and other technologies and a trend toward an increasingly aged society. Oishi Machine is looking toward the future, promoting the increased implementation of leading-edge high technologies as well as further strengthening its technical consulting activities. As a trading company which is involved not only in the simple marketing of products, but also in the provision of equipment and production planning services, it is our hope to be able to make the experience and knowledge which we have acquired over the years of use to our customers. In the future, we plan to build upon our foundation as a trader of industrial machinery and machine tools, to strengthen our sales departments which deal in warehouse logistics and environmental protection equipment, to expand the import/export activities of our trading department. We will further devote all of the energies of our group companies to developing a variety of user seeds, while creating a company structure capable of effectively responding to those same needs. More than ever we look forward to your receiving your continued patronage and support.

Naoyoshi Oishi