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Corporate name : Oishi Machine, Inc.

Foundation : January, 1952

Location : 10 shouwa-chou, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka- shi, Japan

Capital : 62,500,000 yen

Number of Employee : 135  ( 200 as a whole group )

Items of business :
machine tool, press machine, cutting tool, implement for labor-saving, implement for factory automation, die and die parts, jig, import and export of tools and die parts, retail of household articles and DIY goods
Oishi Machine Group consists of Oishi Seikou, Inc., Shizuoka Machine Service, Inc., Die Tool Engineering, Ltd., and Oishi Business Planning, Inc.

Oishi Machine, inc. Head office
10 Shouwa-chou, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka city
  Hamamatsu branch office
1-2 Ryutsuumotomachi, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu city
  Kakegawa branch office
2-1-10 Sugiyaminami,Kakegawa city
  Yaizu branch office
15-1 Doubara, Yaizu city
  Fuji-Numazu branch office
56-2 Tuda-chou, Fuji city
  Kita Kanto branch office
2331-1 Toriyamakami-cho,Ota city
  Oishi Machine Group
  静岡メイク 工業機械館 静岡マシンサービス株式会社 ダイツール・エンジニアリング有限会社 大石事業企画株式会社
  Shizuoka Make
D.I.Y shopping store
  The Hall of Industrial Machine
Exhibiting machine tools
  Shizuoka Machine Service, Inc.
Trading used machine tools and
conducting maintenance service
  Die Tool Engineering, Ltd.
Manufacturing cushion
systems for press operation
  Oishi Business Planning, Inc.
Managing rental buildings
  Oishi Machine(Thailand) co.,ltd OISHI MACHINE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED 大石机械(天津) 大大石机械(天津)
  Oishi Seikou, Inc.
Manufacturing rubber molddies
  Oishi Machine(Thailand) co.,ltd   OISHI MACHINE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED   Oishi Machine (Tianjin) Co. Ltd   Oishi Machine (Tianjin) Co. Ltd.Guanzhou Office
January, 1952 The founder, Rokuji Oishi, started business as Oishi Shouten selling machine tools and tools. The original site was 10 shouwa-chou, Shizuoka city.
June, 1959 Found Oishi Shouten, Inc. at 9 shouwa-chou Shizuoka city with capital of 2,000,000 yen.
July, 1969 Established Numazu branch office.
April, 1970 Established Fuji branch office.
July, 1970 Established Kakegawa branch office.
February, 1971 Separated die manufacturing division of Oishi Machine, and found Oishi Seikou, Inc. with capital of 20,000,000 yen.
January, 1972 Established Foreign Trade section, and contracted with Teledyne Hyson for exclusive distributor of die cushion system.
October, 1975 Established DIY retail store, Shizuoka Make at 329 Nitta Mariko, Shizuoka city. The store opened on November 2.
June, 1979 Established the hall of industrial machines with exhibiting area of 1792 square meter at 582-1 Yahata-aza Iwashita, Fujieda city.
July, 1982 Established Engineer Training Room for teaching NC programming to our customer, at 9-2 shouwa-chou Shizuoka city.
February, 1985 Established Yaizu branch office. Separated manufacturing division of cushion system from Oishi Seikou, Inc. and found Die Tool Engineering, Ltd. with capital of 10,000,000 yen.
September,1986 Found Shimizu branch office at 166-1 Aoba-chou Shimizu city.
January, 1993 Renovated Fujieda Make, and re-opened.
1994 Contracted with Syron Engineerring & Manufacturing (USA) for exclusive distributor of press finger system.
July, 1996 Contracted with Ademva (France) for exclusive distributor of tapping unit for progressive die.
February, 2002 Established Hamamatsu branch office.
August, 2002 Celebrated the 50th anniversary of Oishi Machineçs foundation.
November,2002 Established Oishi Machine (Thailand) Co., Ltd at Bangplee, Thailand.
February, 2003 Established Japan Oishi Machine, Inc. Tianjin representative office at Tianjin, China.
September,2004 Established Oishi Machine(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd. in Tianjin,China.
May, 2006 Moved Kakegawa branch office.
Moved Hamamatsu branch office.
October,2006 Established Kita-Kanto branch office in Ohta city,Gunma-pref.
July, 2007 Established Oishi Machine(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd.Guangzhou Branch Office in Guangzhou,Guangdong-prov.,China.
October,2007 Integrated Fuji and Numazu branch offices to eatablish Fuji-Numazu branch office in Fuji city.
March,2008 Oishi Machine(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.became a BOI-certified company.
May,2008 Established Oishi Machine India Private, India.
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Oishi Machine, inc. Head office 10 shouwa-chou, Shizuoka- shi, Japan
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